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Fuel labs ambassador program

by Chief editor

Fuel is the fastest modular runtime. It is a kind of breakthrough technology that should provide better scalability for Ethereum, according to the developers.

The architecture of known Layer1 blockchains consists of 3 layers:

  • Consensus algorithm.
  • Data accessibility
  • Transaction execution.

The operation of these layers is highly interconnected, which is a problem with blockchain scalability. By allowing these layers to operate separately from each other, significant scalability is possible.

Fuel specialises in making the Transaction Execution layer as efficient as possible.
How will this be done?

  • Parallel execution of transactions
  • Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM)
  • Superior development experience (with Sway and Forc)

You can learn more about this technology on their Medium (https://fuel-labs.ghost.io/introducing-fuel-the-fastest-modular-execution-layer/), but we already know about parallel transaction execution from Aptos and Sui, the most anticipated mastodons.

Investment. Just a month ago, Tir1 funds such as Blockchain Capital, Alameda Research have put $80m into the project (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/fuel-labs/company_financials).

Ambassador program. And it should be up and running soon. It will probably be one of the best ambassadorships today, which, like any other, will give you the opportunity to raise money without investment, but only through hard work. So don’t delay and start getting active on the Discord (https://discord.gg/eXUrFXuSDk) project.

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