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Binance.US hires ex-FBI agent

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Binance’s US unit is being staffed by a former special agent
BJ Kang to head cryptocurrency investigation unit
He previously worked for the FBI and investigated major insider trading and money laundering cases
Yesterday, October 20, Binance.US announced staff changes. The company has added a cryptocurrency crime unit to its structure, headed by former FBI agent BJ Kang.

In his position, he will work closely with law enforcement and regulatory agencies, as well as other cryptocurrency companies. Kang has devoted 17 years of service to the FBI. The agent specialised in cybercrime investigations.

In particular, Kang often handled cases involving money laundering through digital channels. At Binance, he will create “its own investigative infrastructure”. Kang’s department will identify, monitor and disrupt any illegal activity on the platform.

“Binance continues to scale and as such we are looking to invest more money in security on the exchange. We will make every effort to monitor not only our crypto streams, but the broader market segment as a whole,” stressed Binance.US CEO Brian Schroeder.

Binance has previously been accused of condoning the precedents of money laundering through the exchange platform. The platform is also featured in a large-scale investigation by federal authorities into cryptocurrency companies.

Earlier, the exchange launched its own cybercrime training programme for law enforcement. In particular, the company has already reached certain agreements in this regard in Kazakhstan.

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