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Cardano will certify the quality of Georgian wines

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Cardano Foundation signs major new deal
The platform will develop a blockchain solution for the National Wine Agency of Georgia
This way the buyer will always be able to find information about where a particular bottle has been bottled
The Cardano Foundation has entered into an agreement with the National Wine Agency of Georgia, the Association of Wine Producers and Scantrust. The platform will develop an effective blockchain solution to authenticate the authenticity and high quality of status wines.

“As part of this deal, we will be able to create a creative, flexible and state-of-the-art certification system. It will provide the right level of transparency and authenticity for distilleries and consumers from harvesting the vine to selling the bottle,” stressed Cardano Vice President Mel McCann.

As part of the deal, a new scalable platform will be developed. It is designed to connect individual wineries and improve customer interaction.

The test launch will take place in Bolnisi. 100,000 bottles of this year’s autumn harvest will already be bottled to the new standards in autumn 2023. The platform will allow traceability of wine data all the way back to the place where the vines were harvested.

The producer will put a unique QR-code on every label. The information can be accessed via this code. This sticker also certifies the authenticity of the product.

Cardano will take care of the technical and management side of data collection. Later, the organisers plan to extend the system to all Georgian wineries.

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