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Vasil update successfully launched on the Cardano network

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Cardano gets the long-awaited fork
Vasil update was due to go live back in the summer, but it has been delayed
It improves network capacity and performance
The Vasil fork was successfully launched on the Cardano network yesterday, September 22, at 21:44 UTC. Thanks to the update, the network’s performance and bandwidth will increase significantly.

Input Output was the first to report the successful launch of the fork. The update could also be watched live with CEO Charles Hoskinson.

Vasil is the biggest and most important innovation in the Cardano network since the smart contracts feature update last September. The fork is designed to significantly reduce transaction costs and boost network capacity.

The main innovation is the ability to transfer blocks without full verification. Plutus also got a new functionality. Cardano-based dApps can now be added and deployed at a much lower cost.

“The Vasil hardfork brings us closer to our chosen goal by improving Cardano’s core features, enhancing the technology’s ability to transform traditional financial and social systems, and ultimately promoting decentralised economic opportunities,” stressed Hoskinson.

Users will have access to Vasil’s full functionality on Tuesday, 27 September. The update took place behind the scenes and no additional action is required of users.

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