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BNB Chain launches zero-disclosure zkBNB scaling solution

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BNB Chain introduces new scalability solution
ZkBNB innovation aims to reduce fees and speed up transaction processing
Yesterday, September 7, BNB Chain officially announced the launch of a new zkBNB scaling option. The solution will reduce transaction fees, increase transaction processing speed and security.

The launch of the test network took place on September 2. The innovation will be installed on the mainnet by the end of the year. Thus developers have left the initial code of the decision open, that will allow users to modify it at own discretion.

The main innovation of zkBNB is merging several sidechains in one transaction. This speeds up their processing and reduces fees. In addition, thanks to SNARK cryptographic proof, transfers are now more secure.

In fact, the new solution allows BNB Chain to scale significantly faster. ZkBNB supports up to 100 million addresses and handles 5 to 10 thousand TPS.

For example, Bitcoin handles up to 7 TPS, Visa handles 1,700 TPS. Ethereum after the “merger” will be able to reach a performance of 25-100 thousand TPS, but only theoretically.

At the same time, users will be able to withdraw funds at any time. And thanks to low latency, aApps developers will appreciate the solution.

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