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Crypto.com to set up European headquarters in Paris and invest $150m

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Crypto.com will open European headquarters in Paris
They will not come empty-handed, but with an investment of $150m
The money is needed to develop the crypto industry in France
Paris will become the new European headquarters of cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocom. And the country will receive a $150 million investment to develop the business. The Singapore-based company said in a press release.

“Crypto.com’s investment is designed to set the stage for a long-term and successful relationship with France. We will recruit local talent across the region to develop businesses and products.

The company will provide additional support for brand initiatives through consumer engagement and education.”

Cryptocom received approval from the French regulator on 28 September. They had previously secured approvals in Italy and the UK. So the brand is planning a major expansion of the European market.

Crypto com has 50 million users worldwide, collaborates with Shopify and is one of the largest cryptocurrency companies represented in France.

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