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Development of Web3-marketplace based on TON Durov is almost complete

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In August, Pavel Durov announced an auction of “dead” nicknames and group names in Telegram
For this purpose, the messenger team has developed a trading platform based on the Open Network (TON)
Yesterday, on October 20, the administration announced that the project was almost finished
At the end of August, Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced plans to launch an auction, with the most valuable nicknames in the messenger as the main lot. Yesterday, on October 20, the platform’s administration said that the development of the platform for this purpose was almost completed.

“Dead souls”.
In his address to users, the Telegram founder noted that about 70% of all user nicknames are registered by cybersquatters. This creates a hindrance to the messenger’s work, as unused usernames and group names simply clutter up search results and make registering a new community or acronym much more difficult.

The messenger administration has found a solution to this problem. In mid-August, all those addresses that had been inactive for a year were simply deleted.

99% of them will be put back into circulation. But at the same time, the most valuable short nicknames will be put up for auction. It was for this that the Telegram team began developing Web3-marketplace.

What stage is the project at?
Yesterday, October 20, the Telegram team noted that the development of the site is almost complete. The resource is based on the Open Network protocol. However, it appears that the nickname auction alone will not be enough:

“Other elements of the messenger, including channels, stickers and emoticons, could also be offered for sale in the future.”

In fact, Durov is launching an analogue of the NFT marketplace. He already has experience with similar projects. A few months ago, the messenger community auctioned off TON domain names. One of them, casino.ton, was bought for $200,000. As a reminder, the TON project is supported by the community. Telegram was forced to abandon it under pressure from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) back in 2020.

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