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Meta have introduced new avatars. Now with legs and cool features

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Mark Zuckerberg revealed the next generation of avatars
They’ve been given a full body format
Digital doppelgangers can participate in video calls instead of us and get a lot of customization
Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new next generation avatars. More precisely, it wasn’t the head of Meta himself who premiered them, but a digital copy of him.

So, the new avatars will get lots of new options and features:

A full body (previously they were waist-length).
The ability to add a digital doppelganger to storizas, posts, stickers and comments. This option will appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.
Avatars will become animated.
Reels will be able to take pictures with them.
Digital Doppelgangers can also communicate with other users via video calls (including Zoom).
Work on all devices, and integrate with the meta universe and various apps.
These options will be introduced gradually. They will be fully rolled out next year.

Very soon the company will launch Avatar Store. There you will be able to buy virtual clothes for your avatar, jewellery, glasses, headwear etc.

The avatars will be fully customizable to match your real body. For this, META will offer different settings – body type, weight, skin colour hair and even wheelchairs.

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