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ClayStack ambassador program is a scam?

by Robert Svarovski


Hello everyone! Today we will investigate a strange and disgusting situation with ClayStack. In our last post about ClayStack we have written about their progression until the start, as application for their ambassador program.(although still did not get even decline). But now, there are strange things happening. Which we will investigate together downstairs.

First of all, let’s dot our i’s. What is the ambassador program and why it’s needed? Ambassador program it’s special activity outside the project which has marketing and community building goals. Through such programs, projects can get a lot of traffic through the supported bloggers or users, without any effort on the content itself.
It’s very helpful, useful and profitable for crypto projects to set up such programs.

But why it is interesting for the users? Easy and quick answer = rewards. If there are no rewards in the ambassador program, then what’s the reason for people to take part in it? You can say, maybe they can give “inside information”, it’s kinda true, but let’s be clear… It’s staking platform, what kind of insides can you expect from it? There is just no sense to create ambassador program without any rewards, if you are not top-10 project, this program will die and will not help at all.

Last thing – just keep in mind, ClayStack collected 5.2 million US dollars as investments! Can they allocate a little bit of rewards for ambassadors? I think the answer is YES.

ClayStack is not paying rewards and scamming key ambassadors

Downstairs will be information provided by 3 main ambassadors @blursed and @Curiosity_z and @vardhanam (telegram nicknames)
Their channels: https://t.me/CryptoEarnImp
Twitter threads about this situation = https://twitter.com/Auri_0x/status/1573340802373193729

Words from one of the consuls of ClayStack ambassador program

Commentaries about happened situation from @vardhanam

The truth about ClayStack

Most probably know this wonderful project.
I was an ambassador for this project and even served up to the rank of Consul.
I will start with a brief context.
Like many other projects, ClayStack gives out points to affiliates for their work.
These points are transformed into tokens in the future.
The release of the token, which was planned for early summer, was indefinitely delayed (as in other projects).
The team promised rewards in stable coins to active ambassadors during the spring.

Me and @blursed and @Curiosity_z have been among those running the whole Ambassador Programme administration, training, analysing the quality of work, recruiting the Ambassador, as well as setting up the automation system. This is not just a weekly meme, but a more serious activity. Without the consuls and other affiliates, the first season of the affiliation programme would not have happened.
The consuls had weekly calls with the team. Sometime in the middle of the summer, we started asking on every call: where are the promised awards in stable coins? To which the team gave ambiguous answers in the style of “you know, they need KYC, and we have not been able to choose a provider for 6 weeks …”. Identical answers were given every week.

In mid-September, we (Season 1 ambassadors) decided to write a letter to the team, clearly explaining our position and again asking when there would be clarity with the promised awards. To this letter, the team replied in the style of “what awards, we did not tell you anything about awards, and in general you’re working here for the idea, so go ahead.
Our anger at this insolent behaviour was boundless, so we decided that we should only call the Ambassador and think about what to say to the team. We used publicly available e-mail, telegrams and discord to organise the call.

The team heard about the call from one of the assessors. It was also reported to the team that messages were sent out inviting them to the call. We decided on the call of the end-users that we would act together to get our 10 months of work done.
The team then decided to organise a call with the consuls to talk about the subject of the call between the ambassadors. The team’s message on the call was “you used email addresses stolen from the project to get together on a call to discuss that the project was a scam”. This message was ironclad. To hear our arguments that that was not the case at all, that we had gathered to defend our rights, the team did not want to hear them.

The call ended in no way. The team then demanded that we give out the people who had organised the very call between the ambassadors. They ended up finding out that @Curiosity_z and I had called the ambassadors, God forgive me, to get together.
Kick and ban me, @blursed and @Curiosity_z from the server. And further blackmail in the vein of “you decided to threaten the project, but we love you anyway and will give you $800 for 10 months of work, but only if you keep quiet for 30 days and won’t tell anyone”. Naturally, for such ridiculous money we did not keep quiet for a whole month, and the truth about the project has already spread through different channels and chat rooms.

Since then, the team has not made any contact and has been throwing mud at us in the Ambassador’s chat room.
Core ambassadors
Attitude towards the ambassadors

Any many more proofs and evidence in that two twitter threads, but let’s check out main things.

Core ambassadors have stolen emails of other ambassadors = reality is, that team of ClayStack did not care about privacy and used mass sending of emails.

This was one of the main reasons from the ClayStack, why they’re kicking out core ambassadors. Second was their “FUD” and trying to make the project look like a scam. This is really funny, because in all that situation there are zero words about project itself! But ambassadors program is really scam = due there is no promised awards.
I’m pretty sure, that if they did not promise rewards, these guys would not work at all or would work much less than they did. No reason for hard work, while you know that this is volunteering. But it can’t be volunteering due ClayStack is a business, not a charity organization.

About rewards again = sometimes it’s may happen that there are no rewards, but let’s stay clear. How is that possible that there are no rewards for the CORE ambassadors, which from their words(and we believe that) = have built the ambassador system itself. This is crazy. 800$ for 10 months of real work… Maybe there is a waste of funds from the Devs? If I was one of the investors, I would check out the appropriateness of spending money from the investors.

Team is trying to offence and even threaten core members. Also, very interesting, that they tried to lower the amount of people inside ambassador program through increasing KPI. Which is looks normal, when it’s paid. When it’s free, it called slavery.

Please, read twitter threads, stop supporting ClayStack and support these guys through likes and retweets. This is 2022, and it’s not normal when devs just do not care about their members, users and core supporters.

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