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Hacker laundered through Tornado Cash $500K stolen in DAO Maker hack in 2021

by Chief editor

New details of the DAO Maker hack in 2021 have surfaced
The hacker activated one of the accounts
He withdrew $500,000 in DAI from it to a Tornado Cash mixer
In August last year, DAO Maker was hacked. The hacker took advantage of a vulnerability in a smart contract, withdrawing first $10k and then $7m in various cryptocurrencies. The money settled in two accounts, and one of them was activated today, September 9.

This was reported by the Peck Shield Alert team. The account owner transferred $500k in DAI to the scandalous Tornado Cash mixer. The further fate of the stolen money is unknown.

Then, in August 2021, an unknown person took advantage of a smart contract error that allowed him to empty thousands of accounts. A total of 5,251 users were affected. Notably, the hacker ignored wallets with deposits up to $900.

In total, he stole $7 million in various cryptocurrencies. Most of the loot, which was 3,800 ETH worth more than $6 million, was immediately withdrawn by the criminal through a mixer.

Tornado Cash came under OFAC sanctions. Some major companies and exchanges have already blocked addresses associated with it. The service is being prosecuted for money laundering, and its developer will be tried for aiding and abetting illegal activities.

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