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Acala administration released a full report on the hack in mid-August

by Chief editor

Acala Network completes investigation into fake fraud
99% of mistakenly created aUSD recovered
The fraudsters have just over 42 million “coins” left
The community will decide the further fate of the mistakenly created funds
Recall that on August 14, Acala Network was hacked. As a result, hackers hacked about 3 billion USD, bringing its value to $0.05. Later the administration managed to recover almost all these funds. Today, 5 September, the official website published a detailed analysis of the incident and the results of the investigation.

The administration was able to trace 281 addresses that received the erroneously created tokens. Out of just over 52 million aUSD, 42.482 million remain.

Almost all of this was transferred to other parachemes (Moonbeam, Astar, Interlay and CEX), exchanges and other platforms. The administration has found a trace of the cryptocurrency, which gives hope for its return in the future.

To view the full trace, as well as account tables with balance changes, click here. The publication of the report marks the end of the first phase.

Next, members of the community must confirm the outcome of the investigation, after which a proposal will be made to remedy the deficiencies of the aUSD mint mechanism. Nor does the administration deny the possibility of reusing some of these funds, again with the agreement of a quorum.

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