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Is ZkSync preparing its own cryptocurrency? Expect a major announcement in early November

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zkSync developers have announced upcoming updates
On October 25, user accounts will be reset and developers need to re-deploy smart contracts
The team will make a major announcement about tokenomics in the first week of November
It’s not out of the question to release its own cryptocurrency
Yesterday, October 20, the zkSync network development team held an hour-long broadcast for Twitter users. In it Steve Newcomb, Anthony Rose and Ramon Canales detailed their developments and plans for the upcoming zkSync 2.0 mainnet launch.

As a reminder, the developers published a roadmap over the summer, according to which the mainnet rollout should take place at the end of this month. A little later, the exact date became known – 28 October.

The team’s sticking to their plan is also indicated by a planned update next Tuesday (October 25). The developers will need to re-deploy the contracts, as the transaction history and token balance will be reset.

Will ZkSync release its own cryptocurrency?
A Twitter user with the nickname “olympio.eth” pointed out an interesting detail during the broadcast. At minute 40, the developers mention a major announcement regarding the tokenomics of Mainnet.

Of course, this does not necessarily indicate the announcement of their cryptocurrency. But the likelihood of it happening is quite high. Also in favour of this theory is the planned update with account viping.

Prior to that, there was no talk of releasing their “coins”. In the first phase of the mainnet launch, the network will not be available to users until all security checks have been completed.

The developers also mentioned compatibility with EVM, support for Solidity and Ethereum-based mobile OS with the possibility of integration into ethOS. The source code of the protocol will be made publicly available.

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