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Meeiro – first IDO launchpad on Aptos

by Chief editor

The Meeiro platform is a decentralized IDO launchpad on Aptos.
Check out Meeiro links:
Website – https://meeiro.xyz/
Discord – https://discord.gg/meeiro
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Meeiro_xyz
Docs – https://docs.meeiro.xyz/

Meeiro platform at this moment building their system and community itself. Right now, you can take part in their CREW3 campaign and get a role, which will give you the opportunity to take part in their first IDO.

As usual, the first IDO on any launchpad is the IDO of launchpad token. Same here.
Through the IDO you could get $MEE tokens, which later you could use to take part in other IDO’s. If you wanna to take part in IDO, you need to stake $MEE tokens in the certain IDO staking pool. Pretty simple as we think!
Interesting feature – 10% of each IDO will be distributed through the lottery, not the staking. People which will doing some activities, could take part in the draw and get part of the allocation in the IDO!

Anyway, you need to understand, that your final allocation is not only based on your stake power and staking time. Also, it will be affected by others stakers.
More stakers in the IDO = less your allocation.

Another great feature of Meeiro is a Meeiro Protect. Through that system, tokens will be locked for a while, to prevent dumps. Also, each user will have the opportunity to get partially money back, if price of tokens will be lower than on launch.

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