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ASUS announces the launch of the NFT platform

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ASUS announces the launch of NFT platform
ASUS has launched its own NFT trading platform called Art Black Hole. The platform currently supports NFT on Ethereum, and allows collectors to buy digital works of art for Taiwanese dollars.

ASUS NFT platform
The launch of Art Black Hole is the first major project of ASUS’ new Web 3.0 division, ASUS Metaverse Inc. To delve deeper into the metaverse, the new ASUS subsidiary aims to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain capabilities.

Minji Xie, chief operating officer and senior vice president of Asus said:

“The NFT platform will allow people to create individual characters, spaces and even collectibles in the meta-universe using content and IP addresses related to art, photography, fashion, audio, video and games.

Asus is focused on developing the next generation industry, especially the potential of Web3.0, so we set up a new company to announce our determination to work with the meta universe in the long term. The first step is to launch the NFT platform and invite content creators from various fields as new ASUS partners.”

Asus intends to integrate a number of renowned artists into the platform to expose users to a variety of artwork. In the future, ASUS will also bring in content creators from different professions to integrate into the meta-universe.

Major tech companies have set their sights on meta-universes
ASUS is one of the latest big tech companies to set its sights on the meta-universe. Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that makes Apple’s iPhone, integrated into the meta-universe earlier this year by teaming up with XRSPACE, known for creating virtual reality (VR) hardware.

Meta recently achieved its long-standing goal of introducing NFT to its two leading social media platforms. As of 29 September, Facebook and Instagram users in the US can now link their wallets to their profiles and send NFT to users within the platforms.

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