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ConsenSys to donate free NFT to celebrate Ethereum ‘merger’

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MetaMask developers have created the Regenesis commemorative collection
These are free NFTs timed to coincide with the Ethereum merger
Find out how and when to get them
ConsenSys has prepared a special Regenesis NFT collection. It is dedicated to the historic Ethereum “merger” that will happen as early as next week (if everything goes smoothly).

So, the series will consist of various NFTs dedicated to the themes of ecosystem development, security and scalability. The main theme of the collection will touch on the Ethereum update, and its role in the Web3 space.

How to bookmark
In order to get the collection NFTs, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet to the eirdrop page on the day of the Ethereum merger, scheduled for 15 September. There is already a timer on the site for convenience.

Minting NFT will be free, but gas charges will have to be paid. The collection will come out in unlimited quantities. True, you have to have time to bookmark the tokens within 72 hours of the start of the campaign.

ConsenSys representatives described their collection very poetically:

“The merger is not just a moment for crypto-insiders. It’s a milestone in the history of the internet… The Regenesis NFT collection will give you the opportunity to get a technology memorabilia that proves you’ve caught and celebrated this breakthrough.”

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