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Prom announces launch date for new NFT platform

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On 15 September, the world will see the birth of a new NFT platform Prom
The platform will be a one-stop-shop for NFT and metavsels
Universal interface allows token management in different games
Prometeus Labs is ready to say the final goodbye to the former name and launch a new project – Prom. The multifunctional Web3 platform will be launched on September 15, at 14:00 Kyiv time.

As we wrote earlier, Prom is a one-stop shop for managing NFT assets in the world of meta-universes. The platform combines several services. Among them the users will find:

NFT aggregator and exchange;
analytical toolkit;
an NFT loungepad;
a decentralised exchange called GameFi;
an educational portal;
NFT property and character rental service;
an NFT mortgage.
Such a wide range of services, according to the creators of Prom, will take the experience of interacting with Web3 marketplaces to a previously unattainable level.

The developers note: the unified centre for NFT and metaworlds is able to attract attention not only because of its versatility. The strengths of Prom include the security of the decentralised platform, simplified search, simple listings and fast asset purchases.

Prom V1: The Journey is About to Start 🚀

The date we’ve all been waiting for is finally settled:

📍 Prom V1 will be launched on September 15, 11:00 UTC 📍

But before we go live, have a tour around Prom V1 & prepare to conquer the gaming world 👇

  • Prom (@prom_io) September 14, 2022
    At launch, users will have access to three blockchain games:

MetaSoccer – GameFi’s first-of-its-kind football game. Players can earn money by tracking the development of teams, athletes and coaches. Betting on the results of matches comes with it.

Elpis Battle is a turn-based quest with a wide variety of quests and original characters. The developers offer the player to explore a well-designed fantasy world.

At the end of the list is Tiny World. The game is designed especially for fans of RPG and so-called idle-games (incremental games). Users can immerse themselves in a vast universe consisting of several parts.

Tiny World includes many DeFi elements: Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, steaking, NFT farming, etc. The game is very popular on the expanse of the Web3 industry.

As we can see, Prom promises multifunctionality at an affordable price in the world of NFT and meta universes. How well those promises live up to the reality will be seen by users on September 15.

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