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Nethermind has moved DEX Uniswap v3 to the StarkNet ecosystem

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Nethermind has developed a new code translation plugin called Warp
The app allows you to transfer projects from Solidity to Cairo
The first “breakthrough” is the decentralized exchange Uniswap
The developer promises to deploy a full copy of the resource on StarkNet
Nethermind introduced a new practical solution called Warp. This plugin allows native Ethereum-based projects, such as Uniswap, to be ported to the StarkNet ecosystem.

The Nethermind team describes Warp as a “Solidity to Cairo transpiler”. In theory, the plugin allows projects written for Ethereum to port their codebase to StarkNet.

This promises a number of benefits to users, chief among them low fees. The solution is still being finalised, but the first practical successes are already there.

Nethermind has “copied” Uniswap and promises to roll out the full list of site features on StarkNet in the near future. However, the new resource has nothing to do with the original exchange.

It is difficult to translate applications from one ecosystem into another. It requires painstaking work to adapt the language. However, according to project head Jorik Schellkens, using Uniswap as a ‘test case’ will lower the entry threshold for other applications.

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